News Editors

The team at International Headlines is responsible to publish, edit and update all current news. All members of the team are full-time employees who work out of our office in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and Manchester. You may contact our staff at any time.



  • Pete Roters, Editor in Chief
  • Ian Holding, Journalist, Meta Editor
  • Kate Gremsler, Journalist
  • Pete Rothel, Educational News
  • Gregg Poners, Government News
  • Larry Thors, Entertainment
  • Marc De Voog, Journalist NL


Editors in Chief

  • Pete Roters
  • Iana Flemms
  • Irena Boldt
  • Marc  Jissem


Please do NOT contact our editors for press release issues. Use the contact within the news story to get in touch with the correct editor.

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